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October 5, 2020 Parent Letter

Bath School Community,

    We are planning on bringing our ELEMENTARY students back to school on Monday, 

October 19th.  We are continuing to work on a date for our secondary students and will have information regarding their return shortly.  


We chose the 19th as a starting point so that elementary teachers will be able to meet and discuss the return of students individually with parents during parent teacher conferences set for October 14th and 15th.  The 15th was previously scheduled as a half day.  Friday, October 16th was already scheduled as a no school day for students or staff.   Prior to parent teacher conferences information regarding the procedures and expectations for our students and parents will be shared with you.  As a reminder, face masks will be required for all students, staff and visitors. We will be limiting visitors to those entering for instructional purposes only.

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BCS Extended COVID-19 Learning Plan

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1) Who will parents have to watch their students when at work?

We understand childcare will be an issue for some of our families.  Unfortunately, that was going to be an issue whether we started all online or in a hybrid model with students only attending a couple of days per week.   

2) Will there be set times students need to be online/ how to work around parent’s work and daycare limitations?

Daily schedules are currently being developed by each building planning team.  We are looking into ways of providing instruction to those families who will have difficulty attending during the day due to various family situations.  Our goal is to have tentative schedules available on our webpage as soon as they are complete.  These schedules are still subject to change as we work through various issues as they arise.

3) When will the details be posted online?

Our goal is to have tentative schedules available on our webpage as soon as they are complete.  These schedules are still subject to change as we work through various issues as they arise.

4) When will the tablets be in for lower elementary students?

200 Chrome tablets were ordered earlier this summer for our K – 1 students.  We were recently informed that those devices have not arrived at the vendor and expected delivery is late August to early September. We are making plans in the event they arrive after school starts.

5) What are families to do that do not have internet or poor service?

We will be providing “hot spots” to families with no Internet service.  We are also able to provide Internet access outside of our buildings as another option.  

6) How will students be placed in the young 5 program, what will decide who gets in?

Under regular school year circumstances, placement for students between our Young 5’s or Kindergarten program is a  combination of parent request, preschool recommendation and assessment at kindergarten registration. Since we didn’t have kindergarten registration this spring, our Young 5 and kindergarten staff and/or elementary principal will touch base with you about which placement would best meet the needs of your student. 

7) Will upper elementary students still switch teachers for the different subjects?

At this time all upper elementary students will be with their teacher of record.  Teachers will be able to collaborate with each other on lesson planning and instruction.  All of our elementary teachers are highly qualified in all subject matter. Current CDC recommendations stress that students stay within the same group to reduce cross-contamination.

8) Will each student receive a chromebook or tablet?

A device will be available for every student (see previous question regarding delivery of Chrome Tablets).  A family of four will receive four devices for example. (Just a reminder, all students and families must complete a technology agreement in order to receive a device.)

9) Will the district be checking in on how our students are doing with their mental health?

Part of the Michigan Safe Schools Start program requires schools to check on student mental and social health of our students.  We will be checking with our students or parents on a regular basis.

10) Why are families not being given options for face to face or hybrid?

We have worked through many different models of education over the summer.  Looking at many different factors, including parent survey results, it was determined that starting all online would be the safest and most effective way to begin.  By starting online, we also feel it puts the students and staff in a good position in case we have to move between online and face to face instruction.  Our goal and hope is that we are able to return to a face to face instruction in near future.

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Clinton County Parent Survey

Bath Survey Results

Return to Learn Letter

July 31, 2020
Bath School Community,
Over the past four weeks, Michigan school districts were tasked with developing several models of instruction for the upcoming 2020 – 2021 school year.   The Bath Community Schools Michigan Safe Schools Start Plan, as it is referred to, consists of these education models and safety protocols.  It will be presented to the Bath Board of Education at our regular meeting on August 10th.
At this time, I am recommending that Bath Community Schools begin the 2020 - 2021 school year virtually.  This recommendation of an all on-line start to the 2020 – 2021 school year will be presented at a special Board of Education Meeting this Monday, August 3rd at 6:30 p.m. 
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