Novemeber Update

After reading the story Creepy Carrots by Aaron Rynolds, 2nd - 5th grade students completed an engineering challenge to see the fewest amount of craft sticks they could use to make a fence to keep the creepy carrots inside. 

First grade students discussed symmetry and the bones of the human body.  Next, they built a symmetrical skeleton using Model Magic Clay and Q Tips. 

Students in 2nd - 5th grade learned about the steps of the water cycle.  They also used shaving cream and colored water to work on how precipitation forms in clouds.  Through the process they were able to see how the water molecules join together and create precipitation.

The classes read Pumpkin Jack by Will Hubbell. This story details the decomposition process of pumpkins. Students are observing their own pumpkins to see this process in action.  

Stem Lab Pictures

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