Sports and Coaches Information

High School 
Cross Country- Roger Dunham    [email protected] 
Varsity Football- Head Coach- Shane Lorenz   Asst. Coach- Dave Flegal      [email protected] 
J.V Football- Head Coach - Randall Hager  Asst. Coach Dave Flegal and Mike Bjorne
Varsity Volleyball- Kristen McIntyre   [email protected] 
J.V. Volleyball- Aaron Mayes   [email protected]     
Freshman Volleyball- Madison Margraves   [email protected]  
Cheerleading- Michelle Clark   [email protected] 
Soccer Boys and Girls- Christian Zurchauer   [email protected] 
Wrestling- Les Flewelling    [email protected]com 
Varsity Boys Basketball- Gabe Sowa  [email protected] 
J.V. Boys Basketball- Nick Duflo   [email protected]  
Varsity Girls Basketball- Chris Rypstra [email protected] 
J.V. Girls Basketball- Craig Poppema  [email protected] 
Varsity Baseball- Scott Peru   [email protected]  
J.V. Baseball- Michael Collins   [email protected]  
Varsity Softball- Darren Buck  [email protected] 
Boys and Girls Track-Brad Pullman  [email protected]  
Assistant Track Coach- Roger Dunham   [email protected]
Golf Boys and Girls- Chad Vietzke  [email protected] 
Ice Hockey Manager- Joni Burns  [email protected]
Gymnastics- Marcie Durso     [email protected]

Middle School
Football- Chris Rypstra [email protected] and Matt Stephens [email protected] 
Cross Country- Dan Anibal [email protected] 
8th Grade Volleyball- Betty Wilson   [email protected]  
7th Grade Volleyball- Liz Dunigan   [email protected] 
8th Grade Boys Basketball- Jordan Parks [email protected] 
7th Grade Boys Basketball- Dan Anibal    [email protected] 
8th Grade Girls Basketball- Chad Vietzke   [email protected] 
7th Grade Girls Basketball- Lynn Vietzke    
Boys Track- Dan Anibal      [email protected] 
Girls Track- Clinton Lawhorne    [email protected]
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