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Superintendent's Letter to Parents/Guardians - August 2017

Parent and children watching eclipse

A trip out West last week with my family to visit relatives and view the total solar eclipse reminded me of our dutto our students to continually teach them about exploring the world in which we live. Although the eclipse lasted only a short time, it will be studied for years to come. Fostering scientific exploration in our students enables them to make informed decisions and better choices about the world we live in. Given the opportunity in April 2024, I encourage you to consider traveling to the next total solar eclipse that will pass through Ohio, as close as Toledo.

Over the summer, and due in large part to the Bond Issue that was passed by voters in May, many changes have happened around the District. Monies allocated for Technology purchases for Phase I of the Bond Project 2017 have been spent and equipment received for the start of the 2017/2018 school year. Two new busses and cameras for the busses have been purchased and pre-transition work for switching to our new phone system has been completed. The anticipated cut over to the new system is scheduled for September 1st and we anticipate a smooth transition. Our architects (C2ae) and construction managers (Christman) have been meeting with parents, staff and community members over the last few months to finalize the design and development of the project. We hope to break ground in April 2018. More meetings are scheduled for September and I will post updates as progress is made.

Other work that has been completed recently include carpeting in the Auditorium, putting in a soccer field behind the middle school, and high school door replacements. Our technology department has secured 550 Chromebooks & 120 iPads and are working to incorporate them into the classrooms. The custodial / maintenance employees have painted, cleaned, and waxed floors, all in preparation for the return of our
students and staff.

We bid farewell to our retirees Stephanie Knapp and Cathie Wood, as well as other staff members who left to pursue other endeavors. Each of these individuals has left a legacy that will be remembered for years to come. Page 4 of the newsletter lists some of our staff changes and new staff members. Tom Louks will be beginning his new role as the part-time ES Assistant Principal and we welcome aboard all our new employees.

I am looking forward to a great school year and to connecting with all our wonderful students, families, and staff!

Proud to be a Fighting Bee, Jake (

Superintendent Update - May 2017

At our May election, voters decided by a 73% majority to support the passing of the bond proposal. We are currently working on the final scope of the project, anticipating the solicitation of construction bids by early winter and breaking ground by April 2018. Additionally, technology and bus related bids will be addressed this summer. As we move forward in the process, updates will be made available via the website and other school publications. Our district is very excited about the new opportunities being given to our students and families. It is great to live in such a supportive community.

Soon summer break will be here (last day of school is June 9th) and families will be enjoying the outdoors on a more regular basis. With the warmer weather approaching, it is important for individuals to take measures to prevent exposure to ticks. Now through September is the season for ticks and parents should take steps to prevent their bites. Growing up in Northern Michigan and having lived in the Western Upper Peninsula, I have experienced the nuisance of ticks. We seem to be experiencing an increase in their numbers this spring and there are some precautions we should adhere to. Below are a few recommended strategies from the Michigan Department of Human Services (MDHHS) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as links to both agencies for additional information.

  • Avoid tick infested areas and walk in the center of trails (e.g., avoid areas of tall grass/weeds)
  • Use insect repellent
  • Perform daily tick checks
  • Bathe or shower as soon as coming indoors (especially when in areas of tall grass/weeds)

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
/ Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Treating the school grounds was explored, however we determined that the cost and exposure to pesticides was not worth the benefit.

Have a great summer enjoying your families and all that Michigan’s great outdoors has to offer.

Proud to be a Fighting Bee,

Bond Info

Our Students, Our Future Dear Parents, Guardians and Community Members,

As a district, we continue to see growth in the number of students attending our schools and in student academic achievement and opportunities. In light of growing needs in our district, the Bath Board of Education formed a committee in 2016 to explore pursuing a Bond issue in 2017. Based on a facilities needs assessment, community and staff surveys and three community forums, the committee recommended to the Board that the school pursue a Bond Project Proposal for $ 14,400,000. In December, we received approval from the Michigan Department of Treasury to take our proposal to our community for a vote.

The “Our Students, Our Future” bond proposal is primarily focused on improving and increasing our teaching and learning spaces and implementing technology enhancements. As outlined below, we are also addressing auditorium lighting/sound upgrades, transportation needs, parking lot improvement/expansion, security enhancements, and resurfacing our track.

Please contact me at (517) 641-6721 or email me at to answer any questions you may have about the Bond Issue - Jake Huffman, Supt.

Notice of Election - Clinton County
Notice of Election - Shiawassee County
Bond Proposal

March is Reading Month

Superintendent Huffman reads to students We are more than halfway through March and the end of the 2016-2017 school year is fast approaching. As part of “March is Reading Month,” our elementary and preschool staff have been actively engaging our kids in reading. The elementary school is holding class competitions and inviting guest readers into their classrooms. In the past couple of weeks, I have enjoyed being able to read a story to some of our elementary classes.

As parents, we can and should reinforce these reading activities at home. Reading is a life skill that benefits everyone and we, as parents, can be promoting reading activities at home with our children on a regular basis, not only in March, but year round. Please join me in having a silent family reading time with your children, two to three nights a week, for 20 minutes. Also, take this time to read to them and have them read to you. Engage in conversation with your children about their books and just enjoy each other’s company.

I understand that we are busy and lead hectic lives, but if we all commit to this activity (preK-12 students and parents), we will be helping our young students to develop lifelong reading habits and have fun in the process!

Have a great spring and enjoy your families!

Proud to be a Fighting Bee,
Jake Huffman / (517) 641-6721
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