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Social Work Support Referrals/Resources

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services: 

Apply for State assistance with food, housing, childcare and other services.

Contact phone numbers for MDHHS: 855-275-6424,5885,7-339--352302--,00.html

Career Exploration Resource 

Xello:  - Log in and go to your dashboard. 

  1. Make sure you have completed the The 4 “About Me” Surveys

  2. Review the Career matches it provides you with and Save at least 3 you are interested in

  3. Complete the 4 lessons that are at the bottom of your dashboard page 

8th Graders - Special note - Mrs. Fritz will be setting up a zoom conference to review High School Scheduling.  Please check your school e-mail regularly.  

Social and Emotional Resources 

Social Emotional Learning Curriculum: List of activities for a variety of social emotional learning topics.  These activities were created for classrooms and groups, but could be easily adapted for a family.

Covid Crisis Specific Resources:  

CDC guidance:  

Bath Middle School Covid Closure SEL videos: 

For parents:  

Encouragement and guidance with setting up a routine

For students:

8 habits to stay healthy and productive:

Positive Interactions at Home:

Managing Conflict at Home:  coming soon

Healthy Device Communications:  coming soon

Positive/Realistic Thinking: coming soon

Gratitude:   coming soon

Helping Others:  coming soon

Review  coming soon 

Community Mental Health:  517-346-8318

24 hour Crisis Line:  517-346-8460, Toll Free:  1-800-372-8460

Please contact me if you would like more guidance seeking support and resources or if you or your student would like to set up a conference with me. 

-Craig Skinner

[email protected]