Return to Learn Letter

Many factors went into this decision and it was not taken lightly.  Student, staff and community health and student education were at the top of this list.  Other factors include staffing, budgets, facilities and extra-curricular activities—just to name a few.  
With that being said, this is what you can expect beginning August 24th:
  • BCS will provide technology to each student which is age appropriate
  • BCS will work with families with limited or no Internet available through the use of hot spots and/or locations where reliable Internet can be accessed
  • Instruction at all levels will be more robust than provided in the spring, consistent and engaging for our students
  • Attendance will be taken and a daily schedule will be provided 
  • Lessons may consist of both online direct instruction and offline assignments
  • Lessons will be taught by Bath Community School teachers
  • Social and emotional student health will be a priority 
  • Grades and credits will be issued to students as appropriate 
  • Students with IEP’s or 504 plans will have their plans reviewed and updated as appropriate to ensure student needs are being met
  • Developing language learners will be supported by our ESL (English as a Second Language) staff
  • Extra-Curricular activities such as athletics will follow guidelines set forth by local, state and national health experts as well the Michigan High School Athletic Association.  We are currently offering summer athletic workouts and will continue to provide opportunities as appropriate
Bath Community Schools will re-evaluate the decision to conduct instruction on-line by September 30th, 2020.  A survey to parents will be sent the week of September 17th to identify those students who wish to continue on-line instruction and those who wish to return to a face-to-face setting if it is deemed appropriate and safe.  This will allow parents and guardians a chance to evaluate the online education being presented and aid them in making the best choice for their family.  If by September 30th face-to face instruction is not possible, BCS will continue to search for a time that is appropriate to offer in-person instruction for our students.  
The goal of Bath Community Schools is to ultimately return to a face to face model of instruction.  When this does occur, it may happen in one of two models depending upon the local conditions as related to COVID-19.
When BCS is able to return to face-to- face instruction, precautions will be taken to facilitate student and staff health and safety.  Whether the face-to- face instruction is accomplished through a Hybrid Model, splitting students into two different groups or by having all students in the buildings at once, there are required actions which must be followed.  Some of those requirements are:
  • Students K – 12 will be required to wear masks while using BCS transportation and moving through the building in common areas such as the hallways
  • Students 6 - 12 and staff will be required to wear masks except when eating
  • There will be no mixing of classes and assemblies or large group presentations are not allowed
  • Proper hygiene materials will be available to all students and staff
  • We will cooperate with local health officials to implement protocols for screening students and staff.  
  • BCS will work with local health officials to determine the course of action if a confirmed case of COVID-19 is identified.  This includes providing information to help with contract tracing
  • BCS will appropriately clean, with EPA approved cleaners, frequently touched surfaces.  These include desks and furniture used by multiple individuals on a daily basis
There are many issues that are in the process of being addressed.  Schedules for technology pick up and enrollment documents will be coming shortly.  We are continuing to meet, plan and address issues surrounding whatever type of learning model is being utilized.  This is a very fluid situation and changes may happen suddenly.  In an effort to centralize information, if you have a question, comment or concern regarding the BCS Return to Learn plan, you can email them to  [email protected]
Thank you for your time and support of Bath Community Schools.

Paul Hartsig
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